Governments, public and private institutions are offering free services to help Save Our SMEs. See below a list of some of the opportunities available.


If you know of further funding sources to help Save Our SMEs.

Google OnAir offers free upskilling

Grow with Google OnAir offers free virtual workshops, events and 1:1 coaching sessions to help you get the most out of digital tools.

Agencia Nacional de Desarrollo de Uruguay

The National Development Agency of Uruguay has a dedicated resources page to support MSMEs during COVID-19, including a ‘virtual coffee’ networking facility, credit programs and tips for boosting online demand.

Free digital advice for small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus

digitalboost is offering three services to help equip small businesses with essential digital skills.

Connect Americas charts the goods and services businesses are offering to counter COVID-19

The Inter-American Development Bank have developed a map that shows the goods and services that businesses from Latin America and the Caribbean and the rest of the world are offering to counter the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronayuda crowdsources insights to help business stay afloat in Colombia

A virtual space for Colombians SMEs to crowdsource ideas to help them stay afloat.

#Colombia emprende e innova

A service of the Colombian Government: find and apply free solutions so that citizens and companies can mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in various sectors.

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce creates BazzarBog to connect

BazzarBog, an initiative of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, connects consumers with talented local businesses.

COVID Radar shares

The Covid Radar is a collective of more than 40 companies and organizations coordinating efforts and sharing data to meet the challenges of Covid-19 in Brazil, prevent the collapse of the health system and assist in the recovery of the economy.

Access to Finance Rwanda offers tailored support for Rwandan SMEs

For questions relating to all aspects of business during COVID-19 in Rwanda, from tax policies to import logistics, the SME Response Clinic has you covered.

African Management Institute offers Business Survival Bootcamp

Times are extremely tough for your business. You need practical tools for today to help you make it through and keep your business alive. AMI's Business Survival Bootcamp has the practical tools you're looking for.

200 Million Artisans : COVID-19 India Support Hub

In India, unofficial figures estimate there are over 200 million people who depend on craft for livelihood. The 200 Million Artisans: COVID-19 India Support Hub connects local craft enterprises, institutions, and nonprofits to resources, funders and other supporting initiatives.

Lex Mundi offers suite of legal resources to help navigate through the crisis

Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms, and its member firms stand ready with support and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lex Mundi has compiled a collection of resources from its member firms in 125+ jurisdictions to help navigate through the global crisis.

Locus launches ‘Quickstart’ to improve SME supply chain efficiency

Startups and SMEs are in a precarious situation, and companies are struggling to manage volatile demand, fleet and resource efficiency, and rising costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Locus’ Quickstart can help companies better plan logistics during this uncertain time.

Cisco Business Resilience Program for Customers

Through their financing arm Cisco Capital, Cisco is offering a 90-day payment holiday for all Cisco products and services, and allowing deferment of 95% of product cost until 2021.

Neustar offering free domain registration

For companies quickly seeking to shift their operations to digital in this unprecedented time, Neustar are offering free domain name registrations from top-level domains.

The Cyber Readiness Program

The Cyber Readiness Institute has created a free, practical, step-by-step guide to help small and medium-sized enterprises become cyber ready.

LinkedIn resources for small businesses during COVID-19

LinkedIn Learning has put together a free playlist of courses for small businesses to help business owners hone their skills in management, sales, marketing, finance — and maybe most importantly — self-care, during this difficult period.

Amazon offering free products to help small businesses

More than half of everything sold in Amazon stores comes from small and medium-sized businesses.

To help small businesses navigate this difficult time, Amazon have compiled a list of practical resources, tools, and opportunities.

SAP offering free remote working software

In this time of uncertainty, SAP are opening access to technologies that can help employees, companies, communities, and governments continue to move forward.


The Santiago Chamber of Commerce is offering free online mediations to resolve contractual disputes arising as a result of COVID-19.

Maintaining a Healthy Business in Times of Global Crisis

Using its international network of global trade experts and technology platform, the Global Trade Practitioners Alliance (GTPA) is holding a series of discussion forums and educational webinars.