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SME Support - Latin America

Recognizing the substantial toll that COVID-19 has placed on SMEs, local, national and international actors from the public and private sectors have rallied to provide financial and in-kind resources.

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Connect Americas


The Inter-American Development Bank have developed a map that shows the goods and services that businesses from Latin America and the Caribbean and the rest of the world are offering to counter the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.



The Covid Radar is a collective of more than 40 companies and organizations coordinating efforts and sharing data to meet the challenges of Covid-19 in Brazil, prevent the collapse of the health system and assist in the recovery of the economy.

Santiago Chamber of Commerce


The Santiago Chamber of Commerce/ICC Chile has complied a range of resources on tax, customs and government response measures.

Online Dispute Mediations


The Santiago Chamber of Commerce is offering free online mediations to resolve contractual disputes arising as a result of COVID-19.

Bogota Chamber of Commerce


The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce offers free virtual workshops to support companies against COVID-19 and a range of training programs from partner organizations.



BazzarBog, an initiative of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, connects consumers with talented local businesses.

Colombia undertakes and innovates


A service of the Colombian Government: find and apply free solutions so that citizens and companies can mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in various sectors.



A virtual space for Colombian SMEs to crowdsource insights and ideas to help them stay afloat.

Guatemala Chamber of Industry


The Guatemala Chamber of Industry has launched a page containing free webinars, virtual conferences, and tools to boost SME digital media efforts.

ICC Mexico


ICC México has created a page with practical guides, interviews and services to help business during COVID-19

Agencio Nacional de Desarrollo de Uruguay


The National Development Agency of Uruguay has a dedicated resources page to support MSMEs during COVID-19, including a ‘virtual coffee’ networking facility, credit programs and tips for boosting online demand.